Born Anthony Esemplare, early in his life he showed promise as a child actor and musician. He appeared in such films as Nunzio, playing the part of JoJo's friend. His acting and music career came to an abrupt halt when he was held on suspicion of impersonating a drummer, which incited a riot at CBGB in NYC that resulted in the trampling of several innocent fans. After serving time at Riker Island Penitentiary, he was pardoned by then Governor John W. Richardson. After his release, he married his longtime sweetheart Maria.

Several years later, Maria took him to court, where he appeared wearing only a tuxedo jacket and someone's Rolex watch. Third Circuit Court Judge Harold Benson handed down a landmark decision, confiscating the right to use his given birth name. His name was then legally changed to Maria's Husband. Trying to save him the humiliation of being called "Maria," his friends decided to call him "Hubby" for short. He restarted his career in the music business playing drums in several bands including Gregory's Funhouse with band-mate/guitarist Chris Chianelli. They remained lifelong friends and musical collaborators.

Presently he holds the position of Lead Organizer for the Laborers' International Union of North America (LiUNA). His main responsibilities are the settlements of labor disputes and the education of the benefits of being a union member. He makes sure all of the union members watch Plug-In so they can have a better way of life.

Acting runs in his family; his mother had the starring role in the HBO series The Sopranos as Paulie Walnuts mother. Hubby managed her acting career and is the primary reason the show is no longer on the air. She is presently signing autographs in local shopping center parking lots accompanied by her son and a pen. Always the caring humanitarian, Hubby recommends that you grab a slice of pizza and watch "Plug-in: The Home Recording Show" if you know what's good for you. Capiece!