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Each new episode of Plug-In: The Home Recording Show is presented for FREE viewing by everyone until the next episode is released, approximately every few weeks.

  • The current episode is FREE to view on the website as it is released.
  • Everyone can watch the current episode as often as they like until the a new episode is released. As a new episode is released the current show will be moved into the archives.
  • Everyone who visits the website can take advantage of special offers and package deals on equipment and software.
  • Everyone has FREE access to the public forums.
  • Everyone can get FREE access to listen to original songs by featured artists.

With each new episode of the show there will be additional bonus content in the form of tutorials, Cutting Room Floor deleted scenes and outtakes, extended interviews, etc. that will only be accessible by Backstage Pass members.

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Backstage Pass members have access to ALL the episodes and bonus content of ALL the shows, current and in the archives, as well as many other benefits. Here are the advantages and benefits to being a Backstage Pass Member.


Benefits for Backstage Pass Members

  • Shows are free to view as they are released.
  • All archived episodes are available for re-viewing as often as you like.
  • Special offers and package deals on equipment and software plus additional discounts and special deals and offers to Backstage Pass Members.
  • Every episode has an in-depth tutorial for Backstage Pass Members only.
  • Special bonus clips like Cutting Room Floor deleted scenes, outtakes, extended interviews, behind the scenes tours, etc.
  • Subscription to the Backstage newsletter.
  • Free access to the forums.
  • Members-only forums.
  • Frequent LIVE online Q and A sessions with Ben, Vendors, Artists and Special Guests.
  • Free downloads of original songs by featured artists plus bonus songs.
  • Special contests and opportunities to attend the filming of episodes around the country and meet the stars and guest artists.


The special introductory price for Backstage Pass membership is as follows:*

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* Membership fees are subject to change and are not refundable or transferable. The membership fees charged during your subscription period will not change but new rates may be in effect when your membership comes up for renewal. Longer periods of membership lock in your membership rates for a longer time. Upon subscription you will be given a membership ID and password that will give you immediate access to the archives and all the bonuses and benefits of Backstage Pass Members.