We believe that "Plug-in: The Home Recording Show" represents a unique opportunity for sponsors to reach a wide demographic audience. From the novice to the seasoned professionals, of all ages, the recording and music enthusiasts will discover something of interest to hold their attention. Our advertising plans include different levels of sponsorship.

Plug-in: The Home Recording Show premiered September 8, 2009.
The website is getting thousands of hits from all over the world.

Sitemeter map of visitors from all over the world viewing Plug-in: The Home Recording Show

Advertisers can take advantage of Platinum and Gold sponsorship packages
as well as Banner Advertising (see Press Kit for details).

Advertising on "Plug-in: The Home Recording Show" offers many advantages. With traditional forms of advertising you may have to wait months for an ad to appear in print media or for your product to be presented at a trade show. We can have your product presentation ready within a couple of weeks and even arrange the schedule of new show releases to get your advertising word out quickly and effectively.

Magazines are usually thumbed through glancing at the articles and advertising and then put on a shelf or thrown away. Episodes of "Plug-in: The Home Recording Show" will be archived, allowing viewers and subscribers to go back and watch a show again, or catch up on the ones they missed - with the advertisements, sponsorships and product placements still included in the shows as they were originally - assuring you additional advertising every time someone watches or re-watches a show.

When users subscribe to a magazine they receive the current issue and future issues - they do not have an opportunity to get all the "past" issues included in their subscription. With our show, they do! New subscribers will have access to the archives and will be able to go back and watch all the episodes that premiered before they subscribed. Nowhere else can you get that longevity of advertising and continuous return on your advertising dollars.

You'll see that it's a unique show with TV broadcast quality production values that has tremendous potential to attract a huge following. It's a new concept of advertising, allowing you to reach potential customers quickly and effectively. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss your sponsorship needs and ideas. For more information on the partners and producers of the show, visit our websites at and

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